Monday, 4 November 2013

Ozone Day

Ministry of Development was looking for 15 people for their event, The Ozone Day on Sunday, 3rd November 2013. Volunteers were asked to be there by 6 am.

Transportation from UBD to Parit was provided. Volunteers were also given a tublr and shirt.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fundraising For C.A.S

A fundraising for C.A.S (Care and Actions for Strays) was held for five days (28th - 31st and 2nd November)

What is C.A.S?

 "A group of friends has set up "Care & Actions for Strays" aiming to improve the lives of the strays in Brunei. We have a mission to educate the public the importance of spaying/neutering to control pet overpopulation, against animals' abuse, killings, poisoning and pets ownerships' responsibility. There are many Bruneians who are still ignorant about Animal Welfare. We aim to educate as many people as we could and we need your support!"

This is the second time UVC helped C.A.S to raise money for their medicines and food supplies. But for sure a different approach from the last time.

Animal Day Awareness

For this event, we searched for vendors that interested to participate. 80% of the fees and 20% of their sales goes C.A.S. Within those 5 days, we managed to raise $375.50, $30 for selling C.A.S Ribbons and $76.60 for selling Puzzles and Toys.
Photo: Assalamualaikum and Hello. Dont forget to visit them tomorrow until 2nd November, starting from 10am-4pm at CLT FOYER, UBD. FYI, to those who dont know what CAS is, it is, CARE AND ACTION for strays animals. For more info, do like their facebook or come at fundraising event. Support and Help them. And Vendors who are still interested to join the event, do contact the no on the post. Thank you ☺️ #brunika #brunei #fundraising #straysanimal #cats #dogs #CAS #care

Earth Hour Brunei also helped to raise money for the organization.


UVC has always been supportive of C.A.S cause. We will try our best to make annually and as long as we can to help.

to know more about C.A.S