About Us

One simple word to describe us. Volunteers. We volunteer to gain experience. We volunteer to help you, our community and our country. We volunteer in any aspect we think is relevant and worth it. We strive for the best and to be the best. Thus, our objective strives towards a better future.


Why volunteer? To get out from your utterly boring repetitive life zone of comfort! There are many, too many things that are offered out there. You'd only know what's going on if you are part of the team! Working for no money but in return, volunteers get plenty of meaningful experiences to develop a great character and leadership skills.

UVC's Objectives
To support to the university’s intention of preparing undergraduates for global challenges. At the same time opening minds to new extremities and hence, to increase the awareness and expose more people to volunteerism and charity works.

Vision & Mission
  1. Expose and nurture the spirit of helping others as a daily practice.
  2. To strengthen humanitarian spirit so undergraduates will be more ready to face global challenges while not forgetting any humanitarian thoughts.
  3. To care for our environment as they will represent our generation in the future.